Bali Is Fining Tourists Who Don’t Wear Masks With Push-Ups

It's a set of 50 for offenders who can't pay the fine

Bali tourists wearing masks
Foreign passengers wearing masks as they arrive in Bali in October.
Johanes Christo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

If fines and the threat of deportation won’t get tourists to wear a mask, maybe exercise will.

According to Euronews (and reported here by Insider), anyone not wearing a mask in public in Bali is either subject to a $7 fine or, if they can’t pay, up to 50 push-ups. That push-up number is reduced to 15 for people wearing the mask improperly.

“Respect for the wearing of the mask by foreign tourists is very low,” one law enforcement officer noted. “First they say they didn’t know the law, then they say that they forgot, that their mask is wet or damaged.”

Officials there estimate up to 90% of people who are caught not following Bali’s mandatory mask law are foreign tourists.

According to reports, more than 70 people have received the mask fine in Bali, and 30 have been subject to push-ups.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is currently at just under one million.


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