New Airline Caters to Those Looking to Join the Mile High Club

It's based in Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Airport
North Las Vegas Airport, home of Love Cloud.
Eddie Maloney, CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s more than a hundred years since the first people entered the ranks of what has become known as the Mile High Club — meaning, essentially, that they had sex on an aircraft when it was in flight. Since then, it’s become a goal for many a traveler and a plot device in many fictional works — including a hilarious and cringe-inducing scene in the comedy series Review.

Still, joining the Mile High Club is not an easy feat; after all, most commercial airlines tend to frown upon people attempting to join its hallowed ranks while on a flight. It doesn’t help matters that commercial air travel is — how best to phrase this? — not always the most discrete place for such assignations.

Reading this, you might think that that sounds like an opening on which a business could capitalize — and you’d be right. The New York Times recently reported on Love Cloud, a Las Vegas-based service which will take you and your paramour high above the ground, where you can choose from one of several romantic options. Their website touts the ability to join the Mile High Club first and foremost, but Love Cloud also offers three-course meals and the ability to both get married and have one’s vows renewed while in flight.

According to the Times, the pilot remains in the cockpit for the duration of the flight, with noise-canceling headphones in effect. And while the service is designed for couples, larger groups can also book flights.

If you’re looking to join the Mile High Club via Love Cloud, it’ll cost $995, with the flight lasting for 45 minutes. The company’s founder, Andy Johnson, notes that this is company’s most popular offering. “We help keep people from divorcing, I’ll tell you that right now,” Johnson told the Times.

And, as the article notes, Johnson is currently pondering an expansion of Love Cloud’s services to Los Angeles. The ranks of the Mile High Club might be getting a bit bigger in the coming years.


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