How to Save $8 Million on Your Next Private Yacht Charter

The perfect yacht co. for every style of luxury boater

By Kunal
April 14, 2016 9:00 am

Yacht envy.

The two words were meant for one another.

Thankfully, a chap no longer needs billions stowed under the mattress — er, in Panama — to remedy the condition. No sir. For those craving the fresh ocean air on their own private villa without the obligation of, you know, buying one, there are charters.

Ergo: we bring you three swanky yachting services to get you to this season’s upper crust affairs in style.


Where it sets sail: 2,100+ cities worldwide
The skinny: The Airbnb of boating, Boatbound is the most extensive “pier-to-pier” rental marketplace out there. They’ve got more than 13 million registered boat owners ready to rent their vessels to pre-screened, qualified gents like you.
Pros: A large selection of boats in a variety of sizes and a vast amount of locations to choose from. 
Cons: You’re going to need a captain. 
Ideal destination: The Gamefish Grande Championship, Cuba’s premier Marlin fishing competition.


Where it sets sail: Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Thailand and the British Virgin Islands
The skinny: Using their online Experience Builder, you can customize your adventure. Based on your preferences — i.e., do you want to snorkel, dance, see historic sights or see no one at all? — a Personal Broker will contact you to arrange the experience.
Pros: You can choose between chartering a bare, skippered or fully crewed charter. The online platform is engaging and easy to use. The boats are big.
Cons: The locations are a bit limited.
Ideal destination: How ‘bout Croatia’s Yacht Week, seeing as you have the yacht and all?

Elite Yacht

Where it sets sail: You name it
The skinny: Specializes in yachts over 140’ with a concierge service on steroids. In the custom charter game for 27 years, Elite is a white-glove, bespoke go-to for one helluva luxurious time. They ensure confidentiality and a top-shelf experience. A guest’s customized voyage will include, but is not limited to: a private chef with personalized fare, restaurant and activity bookings, historical tours, supercar services or complete peace and quiet.
Pros: The sea is the limit. We’re told they work with “every yacht in the world available for charter.” And they come with a 10-26 person crew to tend to one’s every single need.
Cons: Cha-ching!
Ideal destination: For such an emprise, the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival are in order.

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