This Week’s “SNL” Tells the Story of a Cursed Workout Mirror

In related news, Nick Jonas's arms are massive these days

SNL Mirror workout sketch
A new "SNL" sketch shows a workout mirror with some unexpected side effects.

Have you been thinking of getting a smart workout mirror? The possibilities of what you can do with it are virtually endless — lift weights, perhaps, or push yourself with cardio. As a sketch on this week’s Saturday Night Live shows, however, there’s one risk with workout mirrors: sometimes you get one with a person trapped inside, menaced by a sinister entity.

Things begin innocuously enough, with Mikey Day and Chris Redd playing two friends looking to step up their workout game. Heidi Garner and guest host Nick Jonas show up as fitness instructors — as does Kate McKinnon, playing a woman named Shannon Delgado trapped in a limitless void within the mirror.

It gets even stranger from there. This isn’t the first SNL sketch based around fitness since the pandemic began, and so far, the blend of believable workouts with surreal comedy (see also: this sketch from last February) has made for some quality sketches.

This particular sketch also offers a valuable lesson when buying a workout mirror: make sure there are no demons hidden inside. That’s always a useful rule of thumb before making significant purchases.

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