TV | February 21, 2021 6:30 am

Watch “SNL” Take on a Year of Quarantine in “Loco”

The song is surprisingly catchy

A scene from "Loco"
"Saturday Night Live" offered a musical ode to quarantine.

What does spending a year in isolation due to the pandemic do to someone’s brain? Could it make you, for instance, strike up conversations with people who aren’t there — or possibly hear a song sung by a houseplant who looks uncannily like Bad Bunny?

Such is the case with “Loco,” Saturday Night Live‘s latest musical sketch, which kicks off in one direction — Ego Nwodim in a club, chatting up a man played by host Regé-Jean Page — before taking a sharp turn into something very different.

The sketch is both deeply relatable for its take of what a year in quarantine can do to someone and bleakly funny. Pete Davidson chimes in with his own observations on what a year of quarantine can do — including making the plot of Tenet understandable.

The sketch gets bonus points for a Four Loko reference — how could it not? It’s a funny sketch about a subject that’s anything but, and the song itself is insidiously catchy.

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