Watch “SNL” Debut the Most Awkward Dating Show Ever

Things got very cringey, and very funny

Regina King on "SNL"
Regina King hosted this week's "Saturday Night Live."

Dating shows are a staple of Saturday Night Live sketches, and they’ve led to some hilarious moments in recent years. One such sketch allowed the show to bring back a number of iconic characters; another blended dating show tropes with a number of jokes at the expense of magicians. For this week’s episode, host Regina King played a contestant on What’s Your Type? — which is where things got strange.

Intentionally strange, mind you. The premise of the sketch was that King’s character was in search of “a cringey white dude in his early 40s.” Cue three potential matches, played by Mikey Day, Kyle Mooney and Alex Moffat. Part of the sketch’s humor came from the way all 3 embraced playing horrifically awkward characters, with Moffat’s tendency to occasionally break into 90s alt-rock hits being especially cringey.

King’s escalating reactions to each of the men — and the host’s utter horror at their awkwardness — made for a steady array of jokes throughout. The willingness of everyone involved to embrace the innate weirdness of the sketch made for one of the episode’s best sketches — and another welcome entry into a time-tested sketch format.

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