Tom Brady Is Reportedly Talking With Netflix About a…Comedy Special?

The QB and the streaming giant are discussing making "The Greatest Roast of All Time"

Tom Brady attends a screening of "80 For Brady" in Los Angeles.
Tom Brady apparently caught the showbiz bug from "80 for Brady."
Jon Kopaloff/Getty

If the reported talks between Tom Brady and Netflix prove successful, we’re going to find out just how much of an appetite Americans really have for roasted GOAT.

Earlier this week, RadarOnline reported that Brady, who has made it almost a month without unretiring from the NFL for the second time, was going to delay his entry into the broadcast booth for Fox in order to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. The seven-time Super Bowler’s act supposedly features “a great impersonation of former teammate Rob Gronkowski” and an “over-the-top Boston accent.”

Why would the 45-year-old consider such a terrible career move? “The Tampa Bay Buc’s ego inflated when Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno gushed over him in the recent comedy flick 80 for Brady, and sources said the experience left him feeling like an all-pro comic,” per RadarOnline.

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Luckily for Brady and the rest of the planet, given how funny his previous attempts at comedy have been, subsequent reporting from TMZ indicates that TB12’s comedy game is going to remain on the sidelines, at least when it comes to stand-up. However, Brady is discussing the possibility of making himself the main target in an upcoming roast with Netflix. The cringe-worthy working title is The Greatest Roast of All Time.

While the concept of a roomful of comedians taking Brady to task does have some appeal, it seems hard to believe he wouldn’t exert some control over the jokes being made given how conscious he is about his image and brand. So, even though it would be great to hear Jeff Ross, Nick Di Paolo and Sarah Silverman rip Brady for everything from his divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen to the surgical work it appears he’s had done on his face, the roast would probably be an hour of avocado jokes.

There could also be barbs about Brady’s inability to retire, which may get even funnier if he repeats himself and returns to the NFL again. That could still happen as he’s been in touch with at least one general manager who may be in need of a quarterback next season.

Uncertain about the health of both Brock Purdy and Trey Lance heading into the 2023 season, San Francisco GM John Lynch admitted that the 49ers may need to sign a veteran quarterback. He also shared he recently exchanged text messages with Brady. 

“I sent him a text when he retired,” Lynch said Tuesday at the NFL Combine. “He was a teammate for about three weeks at one point, so I sent him a text, ‘Congratulations. One of the greatest careers that I’ve ever seen in any sport.’ I wished him the best. We will leave it at that. I got a thumbs up.”

As long as there’s chatter, there’s a chance.

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