Before You Get Too Excited About the “Succession” Season 3 Poster, Know There Are Several of Them

Each poster for the new season features a different combination of Roy family members to avoid any spoilers

One version of a "Succession" poster for season 3, with the Roy family split up, some behind Kendall, others behind Logan
The poster for the new season of "Succession." Well, one of them.

Ever since last season wrapped with Kendall Roy betraying his father and declaring “today his reign ends” in a televised press conference, Succession fans have been clamoring for more intel about the Roy family civil war that lies ahead in the show’s forthcoming third season. Today, we have some new tidbits of information to share: HBO has announced that the new season will premiere on Oct. 17, and the network released a new poster that hints at the growing tension within Waystar Royco.

But before you start poring over said poster looking for clues about which family members will side with Kendall and which will side with Logan, you should know that there are actually three different posters, each changing which sides certain characters are standing on. It’s a brilliant move to avoid revealing any spoilers; the only characters whose positions never change from poster to poster are Kendall, Logan and Cousin Greg. (We know from the season 2 finale that Greg is Team Kendall, having provided him with the evidence he presented during the press conference.)

One version of the poster sees Roman aligning himself with Kendall and Greg, while Shiv, Tom and Connor walk alongside Logan. Another interestingly features a divided Shiv and Tom, with the Roy daughter siding with Kendall while her husband sides with Logan. A third version flip-flops their allegiances, with Shiv on one side with Logan (along with Roman and Connor) and Tom on the other with Kendall and Greg.

So there you have it! Three different posters, three different possible combinations of Roys. (Meanwhile, where is Gerri?) If we want any further information, we’ll have to tune in on Oct. 17.

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