This Week’s “SNL” Dared to Ask: What If Bad Bunny Played Shrek?

Things got weirder from there

Bad Bunny as Shrek
Bad Bunny and Please Don't Destroy teamed up for a memorably weird sketch.

Last night, Bad Bunny hosted Saturday Night Live, which featured one sketch entirely in Spanish and a surprise appearance from Pedro Pascal. It also featured one of the most gloriously strange sketches SNL has aired in a very long time, which opens with Bad Bunny showing up for a meeting with the Please Don’t Destroy guys in full Shrek costume and gets much weirder from there.

Had the sketch just been built around the concept that fuels the first few sketches — Bad Bunny is dressed as Shrek but is seemingly indifferent towards the Shrek series — that would have been enough. The combination of Bad Bunny’s deadpan approach, Please Don’t Destroy’s more manic energy and the fact that Bad Bunny is, you know, in a full Shrek costume is funny in and of itself. But then things take a turn.

If you’ve been following film news in recent weeks, you’ve probably read some speculation about A24 potentially embracing bigger-budget filmmaking and working with more — say it with me — pre-existing IP. There’s a very minor detail in this sketch that has me wondering whether this is, in its own way, Please Don’t Destroy’s riff on what that might look like.

Even if that’s not the case and the brief mention of A24 is more in line with, say, last year’s Serious Night Live sketch, the sketch is a memorable foray into SNL‘s weirder side. It’s also worth mentioning that the last time Bad Bunny appeared on Saturday Night Live, he showed up for a cameo in a sketch wearing a plant costume — which begs the question of what bizarre costume he might wear next if and when he returns to the show.

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