Pete Davidson Had His Own “Raging Bull” on This Week’s “SNL”

Pete Davidson
Behold, the Pete Davidson of the future.

When Saturday Night Live announced on Saturday that this weekend’s episode would take place with a reduced cast, they weren’t kidding. The cold open found Kenan Thompson and Paul Rudd, joined by fellow 5-Timers Tom Hanks and Tina Fey, explaining that the episode would feature a blend of sketches taped earlier in the week and some old favorites.

Rudd, on a stage adorned with poinsettias, introduced the aforementioned sketches and provided details about their production. And in the case of “An Evening with Pete,” a bit of foreshadowing that this sketch might have something to do with Raging Bull.

And it did! Kind of. Set in 2054, the sketch is an extended riff on the scenes in Raging Bull where Jake LaMotta is a nightclub entertainer; for those hoping for a gritty boxing drama starring Davidson, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Throw in a robotic version of Colin Jost and some dialogue alluding to Davidson’s unlikely sex symbol status and you have a strange but compelling sketch, one that commits to its premise wholeheartedly.

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