This Is Why Movies Like “Home Alone” Are Leaving Disney Plus

The good news is that it's a short-term problem

Home Alone
The image Disney+ uses to advertise "Home Alone" on its site
20th Century Fox / Disney

One of the promises of the new streaming platform Disney Plus — beyond new Marvel and Star Wars shows — was a permanent vault for classic Disney flicks.

And that promise was literally spelled out: the streamer said it was offering the “opportunity to re-live favorites with unlimited access to thousands of the Disney movies and shows you love, now available for everyone to enjoy.”

But last week film site Collider noticed that films like Home Alone and Home Alone 2 had already been pulled, even though Disney+ only debuted in November. Though those two films were originally 20th Century Fox productions, the merger of Fox and Disney should have made these (and other Fox titles) permanent fixtures on the new pay service.

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Other missing titles included The Sandlot, Dr. Doolittle (not the new one) and some of the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks; to complicate matters, some of those titles are still available in other countries on Disney+.

According to a recent report in Gizmodo, those missing titles are due to previous licensing deals with other networks. And those titles will return to Disney+ when the current deals expire.

And yes, a certain cameo will be part of Home Alone 2 when it returns.

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