TV | November 14, 2019 11:18 am

Disney Plus Is Putting Warnings on Older Movies and Cartoons, Citing “Outdated Cultural Depictions”

Turns out there's a lot of questionable content in the vault

Several early Disney titles (like "Dumbo") now come with warnings
Walt Disney Company

Disney is nearly a century-old brand. Cultural mores have obviously changed through the generations.

So this past Tuesday, when the company launched their new Disney Plus streaming service — which features classic Disney shows and cartoons alongside new Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars series — they had to deal with a lot of classic content that simply wouldn’t fly in 2019.

While you won’t find the “fairly offensive” 1946 film Song of the South on Disney, you will find certain older titles that now feature a warning about “outdated cultural depictions.”

The warning shows up in the on-screen plot description of the original 1941 Dumbo film, which Cinema Blend points out does contain a sequence where African-American workers are putting up a circus tent while singing about “their lack of education and penchant for drink.” Other titles with this disclaimer include The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp and Jungle Book.

Outside of the initial warning, the films are presented unedited. A few people on social media have suggested that the wording could actually be stronger, citing the Warner Brothers statement that pops before some of their early cartoons are shown.


In lighter news, there’s now a fantastic Disney Plus parody Twitter account.

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