Benedict Cumberbatch Demonstrated Essential Bathroom Technology on “SNL”

A magnificently surreal sketch on an episode that featured several

Benedict Cumberbatch
Imagine a toilet...that reclines. "SNL" just did.

In the last year, Saturday Night Live has had an excellent track record when it comes to bathroom humor. That’s meant in the literal sense — a recent sketch revealing the innermost thoughts of several men in a corporate bathroom was far funnier than you might expect from its premise. And last night, host Benedict Cumberbatch joined the cast for a likeminded sketch — this one exploring a groundbreaking new technology applied to, well, toilets.

Admittedly, the toilet paper shortages early on in the pandemic — and the rise in popularity of bidets — has brought bathroom technology to the foreground of many a mind. So why not revel in this absolutely bizarre scenario in which Cumberbatch challenges Mikey Day on the best way to use a toilet?

The attention to detail in the face of absurdity is what makes this work, from Day’s accent to the grim lighting to Cumberbatch’s sunglasses. Taking things far beyond any sort of normal baseline was a recurring theme in this episode — see also: this ice cream focus group sketch — and Cumberbatch was more than up for the challenge.

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