Would You Spend Over $10,000 for an Alexa-Enabled Toilet?

This is not a rhetorical question

Kohler Numi 2.0
Kohler's Numi 2.0.

There isn’t really an easy way to phrase this, so let’s come out and say it: the last couple of years have offered us a lot of reasons to think about toilets. Perhaps it was the pandemic-era toilet paper shortages; perhaps it was the increasing visibility of bidets at around the same time. Then again, thinking about your toilet — and whether or not to upgrade it — is an eminently understandable thing to do. But it also begs the question: just how much are you willing to spend to upgrade yours?

As a new article at The Verge reveals, the answer to that might well be “in excess of $10,000.” That’s indicative of the list price of Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet, which was first announced in the bygone days of 2019. Its list price is $11,500 — though as of this writing, Kohler has them available for $8,625. (Kind of, anyway — as of this writing, they’re sold out.) Kohler is also offering virtual design consulting on, assumably, the best place to put your Numi 2.0 for the price of $699.

With all that said, what’s unique about the Numi 2.0? Well, there’s Alexa integration, for one thing. The manufacturer’s website touts “integrated personal cleansing,” for another. It sounds as though the wash streams here are highly customizable, with UV lights that can clean the relevant surfaces of the device when it’s not in use. There’s dual flushing and emergency flushing as well.

What isn’t specified here is how far the Alexa integration will go. If you’ve just spent five figures on a new toilet, will it eventually comment that you should be eating more fiber? Do you even want this to happen? This remains a mystery. But for now, the book of luxurious toilets has a new entry.

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