The Transformers of Luggage Has Arrived

Venque: Handsome bags for conquering the day

By The Editors
November 4, 2015 9:00 am

You may not know where you’re going today.

But wherever it is — to channel our inner Scout — always be prepared.

In service of that: Venque, maker of handsome bags designed to transform into what you need when you need it, available now for preorder.

Venque’s newest trick is the Duffle Pack 1.0, which is three bags in one: a travel carry-on, a backpack and a gym bag.

The Toronto-based startup runs on a simple philosophy: every one of their bags can be used at least two ways.

“Multi-functional is the key to our design process,” explains Venque co-founder Simon Cui. “With the new Duffle, we wanted to create something large enough to carry many items. Typical backpacks aren’t usually big enough, and traditional duffels are too heavy and only offer handles and one strap — they cause a lot of stress on your carrying shoulder.”

The Duffle Pack 1.0 can carry up to 130 lbs. and readily transforms into a backpack with two strong, detachable straps. It features beautiful leather on the handles and zipper tabs, seatbelt-grade straps and an external slide-through compartment.

Each bag is crafted from Venque’s proprietary “Quanta” (a water-, dust-, scratch- and stain-proof material) and comes with a waterproof organizer to hold your shoes and dirty clothes.

Also included: a 10-year warranty.

If you’re worried about the Kickstarter aspect, don’t. The line is already funded, bags should ship in late December, and the company’s already on their fourth successful campaign.

For those with grander plans, the bag is also available as a larger rucksack with a divider for your camera and two additional side compartments.

The choice is yours.

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