Handsome Mail

By The Editors
August 31, 2012 9:00 am
Handsome Mail

Back in the ’60s, those starry-eyed futurists promised us jetpacks, flying cars, and intelligent machines that would cater to our every desire — or at least, if you were Jane Jetson, do your hair. Well that didn’t happen. But this did: Urban Cargo.

Launched by former Coach fashionistas who simply wanted to “educate men about their bodies,” Urban Cargo’s a grooming delivery service that uses future-fancy algorithms to determine your ideal skin and hair care products.

Then, every month, they ship you a “Box of Handsome”.

How it works: tell the site your particulars (skin tone, facial hair type, etc.), and Urban Cargo will personalize a package based around a theme (body, shave, face), shipping you the products along with descriptions and instructions for use (all vetted by their editors, experts and dermatologists).

Current good-lookin’ products include Swiss-made anti-aging skin care (Alchimie Forever), an Asian herb-infused line of face, body and shaving creams (urth) and a deep scalp follicle treatment/hair volumizer (John Masters).

The boxes are $14.95 per month (25% off if you the code INSIDEHOOK during checkout); if you like the samples, full-sized versions of each one are available on the site. And, if you really like a product, you can utilize UC’s replenishment system, allowing you to receive an automatic refill of your favorites each month.

In the future, you will always be handsome.

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