This Coat Is Like Wearing a Duvet

Roll a joint and get comfortable

This Coat Is Like Wearing a Duvet
Cait Oppermann

If it were socially acceptable, we would envelope ourselves in our comforters and leave the house, no questions asked. While we could technically do this (it’s New York, who cares) we can admit we won’t — after all, we wouldn’t dare expose our bedding to the city’s elements.

Luckily, our wishes for sartorial coziness have been granted, and it’s all thanks to Offhours (the brand behind the Homecoat) and their limited-edition collaboration with the cannabis-centric lifestyle brand Gossamer (which also happens to make one of our favorite CBD sleep aids).

The collab comes in the form of the Dogwalker, Offhours’ famed Homecoat rendered in a soothing sage color with mint detailing — a tranquil color combination that’ll keep you warm and make you feel even more chill, especially when paired with weed.

With a French-terry exterior and a cotton t-shirt fabric interior, the Dogwalker coat is a comfy, stylish hybrid of a robe and a wearable duvet. Its moniker is borrowed from the name given to small joints ideal for walking your dog and getting just high enough. Use of the coat isn’t strictly relegated to dog walking, or smoking weed, but each garment is embroidered with a previous Gossamer magazine cover and their tagline “For people who also smoke weed.” You’ll also receive Gossamer’s current issue, and a pamphlet instructing you how to be the most sensible of smokers.

Wear it inside, wear it outside, walk your dog in it, smoke some weed while wearing it, or don’t — however you decide to wear the Dogwalker, you’ll be supremely cozy.

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