Muslim Woman Turns Hijabs Into Haute Couture Fashion

Sweden's Iman Aldebe wants to make traditional Muslim headcoverings visible and beautiful.

June 11, 2017 5:00 am

After seeing and experiencing anti-Muslim discrimination in the wake of 9/11, Iman Aldebe started designing hijabs, veils, and turbans for observant Muslim women like herself.

But with a twist.

Based in Stockholm, Aldebe’s goal is to make head coverings that are unique, stylish, and even glamorous, and that highlight the personalities of the women who wear them. The idea is to make them feel visible in cultures that often try to hide them.

Modernizing traditional Muslim head coverings was a risky proposition for Aldebe, and she met with plenty of resistance along the way. However, once her designs helped Muslim women find jobs, she began getting orders from pharmacies, hospitals, the military, and even the Swedish police.

Aldebe’s work has also been received well in Dubai, where she has already had one runway show, and her designs are gaining acceptance as haute couture in other countries as well.

Watch the Great Big Story video about Iman Aldebe below.

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