Ok’d by Computer

By The Editors
July 31, 2012 9:00 am

The lesson of 2001 was that sentient computers can’t be trusted, but what if HAL was just misunderstood, and all he wanted was for us to dress better? “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you wear that tie.”

Open your pod bay doors to a whole new wardrobe, with StyleSeek.

Style Seek

Just launched by a former space shuttle engineer, StyleSeek’s a chic portal that uses algorithms to recommend top brands and specific pieces of clothing that match your personality.

Simply sign up and take a quick personality quiz — do you prefer Lexus or Jeep? Minority Report or Gangs of New York? — and StyleSeek will reveal a personalized shop that recommends fashionable brands and online stores (Quoddy shoes, Cape Porpoise Outfitters, many more) and reputable fashion blogs that speak to your taste, like Highsnobiety and Style Girlfriend.

Style Seek

There’s room to experiment: You can adjust your style profile by “liking” additional brands, or “see” the site through the profiles of other users, including a curated list of menswear designers and style bloggers. The site can also help you select outfits for different events, from “wedding” to “job interview.”

To get hooked up, simply apply for a membership — which, for the next 24 hours, will be auto-approved for all InsideHook readers. Welcome, new wardrobe robot overlords.

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