The Divine Overlord of Italian Leather Is Letting Men Design Their Own Shoes

There are Ferragamos, and then there are YOUR Ferragamos

October 6, 2016 9:00 am

In the world of men’s style, the words “Italian-made” carry a certain kind of currency.

Mostly because Italians lead the high-end market in textiles and craftsmanship, but also because Italian style is all about oneupsmanship. Anything you can wear, I can wear better. That goes for casual style, and, perhaps more notoriously, for suits and footwear.

So when a legendary luxury Italian label like Salvatore Ferragamo launches a handmade custom shoe program, you’ve gotta understand two things: one, that is so Italian. And two, shoes built through the program will undoubtedly be of the utmost quality.

Launched this week, Ferragamo’s Tramezza Custom Made to Order shoe program allows users to customize all the details, from the finish of the buckles to shoe-width. While leathers ranging from ostrich to crocodile provide a variety of styling options, the ability to personalize everything — right down to monogramming the leather outsole — ensures truly one-of-a-kind footwear.

This isn’t the first time Ferragamo has offered custom kicks: they introduced a custom driver shoe program last year. The Tramezza program expands the brand’s efforts of offering beautifully crafted customization options with three new silhouettes: the captoe oxford, double monkstrap and monkstrap boot.

Head on over to Ferragamo to try out a few looks.

Trust they’ll cost ya a pretty penny, but what’s currency without spending some?

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