Trust Us: Everyone in Your Life Wants a Pair of Bombas Socks

We go digging through our sock drawer for these babies

Trust Us: Everyone in Your Life Wants a Pair of Bombas Socks

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Socks. Probably not what comes to mind when you’re racking your brain for an interesting, unique gift to give someone. We understand your line of thinking. Basic necessities don’t typically make for the most compelling surprises, but once the dust settles, they’re definitely among the most appreciated — especially if you find an elevated, everyday pair that’s made well, looks good and feels even better. So yes, socks can make for a real knock-out gift — only, though, if you do it right.

How does one manage to turn something as boring as socks into a memorable gift? You head over to Bombas, obviously.

The direct-to-consumer sock and basics brand was launched in 2013 by entrepreneurs David Heath and Randy Goldberg after they learned that socks were the most requested clothing item by homeless shelters. So Heath and Goldberg established their brand’s mission: for every pair of socks sold, a pair would be donated. According to the company, more than 100 million items have been donated to over 3,500 community organizations to date.

You Might Be Missing Out on the Best Product From Bombas
Everyone loves their socks, but the brand also makes some incredibly comfy undergarments

A lovely sentiment. But how does Bombas stand out among the gazillion other types of socks out on the market?

At first glance, Bombas socks appear ordinary. But once you’ve slipped on a pair, you can feel the difference between the brand’s deeply researched and rigorously tested hosiery and the run-of-the-mill pack of tube socks you picked up at Target. That’s because Bombas are engineered for optimum comfort.

The brand uses a unique honeycomb structure that ensures your socks stay securely on your feet, along with the softest long-staple yarns from world-class cotton and merino mills. Beyond the personalized contour and super-soft feel, the socks also feature antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, so regardless of activity level, feet stay dry and odor-free.

Because Bombas pack in more features than the rest of the mundane socks in your drawer, they come at a slightly more premium price, averaging about $13 per pair. So you’re not simply gifting socks, but high-quality, semi-expensive socks they might not purchase on their own.

But Bombas also makes more than just socks. You’ll find a collection of soft performance tees and tanks, comfortable undergarments and cozy, non-slip slippers. You can shop Bombas’ entire offerings here, or take a gander below for our top gifting picks from the brand.

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