When It Comes to Prescription Specs, Don’t Sleep on Oakley

The world's best athletes can't all be wrong

March 11, 2021 11:21 am
oakley pitchman eyeglasses

In partnership with Oakley

Chances are, when you hear someone say the name “Oakley,” it conjures images of high-performance, rock-solid sunglasses or goggles. And not without good reason — the iconic sports performance brand has been perfecting the art of cutting-edge optical wear for over 40 years. That’s why some of the world’s top professional athletes — from golfers to baseball players to cyclists to snowboarders — swear by Oakley products and technologies on the course/field/road/mountain.

What many may be unaware of is the fact that Oakley applies their deep reservoir of technical expertise to the world of prescription eyewear as well, as part of the Oakley Authentic Prescription Program. And if you’re an individual like yours truly in need of everyday visual assistance, you’d be remiss in not giving them a strong look (see what I did there?) — after all, it stands to reason that frames built to withstand some of the most demanding sporting conditions on earth should have no problem handling your day-to-day in style.

Below, you’ll find three of our favorite Oakley prescription styles — all of which come with Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses featuring a laser-etched Oakley O for proof of Oakley authenticity and uncompromising quality — along with some details on why each deserves a spot in your optical rotation. 

oakley eyewear seller frames


The newest addition to Oakley’s RX lineup, the Seller boasts a minimalist design aesthetic (what Oakley refers to as “less is more architecture”) with a sleek stainless steel frame that is not only super durable (the “Hollowpoint” hinge features no screws/pin and won’t loosen or wear out the same way a standard hinge will), but is also incredibly lightweight and thus perfect for all-day wear. Add cushy earsocks over the temples and adjustable silicone nosepads, and you’re likely to forget you’re even wearing glasses at all.

oakley eyewear holbrook frames

Holbrook RX

Anyone who rocks a chunkier frame knows that the main drawback is weight. Enter the Holbrook RX, the RX version of Oakley’s best-selling sunglass frame crafted from Oakley’s patented O Matter™ material that’s both 25% lighter than standard acetate as well as 2x stronger. Win-win. Additionally, the Holbrook features Oakley’s “Three-Point” fit, meaning the frames only touch the wearer’s head in three places for reduced pressure and consistent optical alignment. 

oakley eyewear pitchman frames

Pitchman R Carbon

A stylish look with a front crafted from clear O Matter™, the Pitchman R Carbon also features lightweight carbon fiber temples wrapped with Unobtanium, Oakley’s proprietary grip born from motorcycle handles that holds frames in place even when perspiring. The Pitchman also features the aforementioned Hollowpoint hinge and Three-Point fit, making it the ideal daily wear for those with a more active lifestyle.

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