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Off-the-rack is an egalitarian dream.

If you have, say, a 15.5-inch neck and a 32-inch sleeve, most off-the-rack button-downs will fit. 

But for those of us not so lucky to be “average,” there’s MTailor.

The gist: MTailor’s an app that takes your measurements and orders your shirts. It’s that simple. 

No tape measure. No going to the tailor.

Instead, MTailor — designed by a couple of enterprising Stanford grads — uses your smartphone or tablet camera to 3D-scan your body.

The Stanford grads say that scanning provides you a 20% more accurate fit.

Bold claim. So we tried it.

The ordering was simple: open the app, pick from 50+ fabric choices (wrinkle-free striped twill, blue and pink dobby grid, etc.), then select your preferred collar and cuff style.

At each step, the app makes recommendations. 

Then, set down your phone/tablet. Walk back 10 feet. A voice will tell you to turn around. 

You’re scanned, the image gets processed back at MTailor HQ, and your custom shirt ($69-$89) gets delivered in about a week. 

Our results? An honest-to-goodness perfect fit — and (unsolicited) kudos from co-workers and this correspondent’s girlfriend.

Nothing like that culture of constant approval.

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