Deal: Get the Same Vans Sneakers as Harry Styles on Sale

If they're good enough for Harry, they're good enough for you

Blue checkerboard Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX sneakers from Vans
Styles knows a good sneaker.

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While much of Harry Styles’s wardrobe remains unattainable for many, this Tuesday saw the singer/actor/style icon in Italy wearing not Gucci loafers, but rather a humble yet handsome pair of Vans sneakers.

The sneakers in question are the Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DXs featuring a light blue checkerboard pattern, and lucky for us Harry Styles wannabes, they’re currently $20 off. If you do cop a pair, we recommend following the rest of Styles’s stylistic lead, throwing them on with white socks, cord shorts and a fun textured shirt — Gucci briefcase optional.

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