Washable, High-End Knit Sneakers Under $60, Right This Way

The Greats Royale Knit is 40% off in all four colors

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We’ve been championing direct-to-consumer sneaker company Greats since at least 2013, but because of their focus on classic, versatile shoes and premium materials — instead of chunky, flamboyant trends — we were still able to include them in last year’s feature on “15 New Sneaker Brands Every Guy Should Know.”

If you didn’t take our advice then, or are looking to add another pair alongside their classic Royale, the brand is currently offering a rare 40% off sale on all four colorways of the Royale Knit sneaker with code SPRING40.

BUY IT HERE: $99 $59

The shoe’s featherweight knit upper will feel familiar to anyone who’s picked up any of the various “knit” sneakers in the last couple years, from Nike to Allbirds. But Greats differentiates this breathable, lightweight, warm-weather option with its resilience. Whereas other knits can feel flimsy, like your toe might break through the upper, the Royale Knit is made to be worn into the ground — because once it’s well and truly grimy, you can rinse it with soap and water and voila, it’s back to new.

If you’re all set on knit sneaks, Greats just released the brand new Royale Ripstop Collection today, a water-resistant ripstop nylon shoe featuring reflective 3M accents and available in Cargo, Grey and Nero (that is, green, grey and black). Check back for a full review on those.


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