Even Cashmere Comes Recycled Now, Thanks to Everlane

The new ReCashmere line is spun from used sweaters

Everlane ReCashmere Recycled Cashmere Sweaters
You could get one of Everlane's new ReCashmere sweaters in blue, or you could live a little in "lemon lime."

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You know Everlane does men’s basics well. T-shirts, light jackets and chinos are their bread and butter. But cashmere is far from basic. The sumptuous wool garments are an artform, as anyone who has worn a suffocating, scratchy, inferior cashmere sweater knows all too well. And the brand’s Grade-A Cashmere Crew has been a longtime best-seller.

But these days, every brand with a conscience is looking at ways to make its production more sustainable. Today, Everlane is expanding its conscientious offerings with ReCashmere, a new line of men’s (and women’s) sweaters made out used cashmere sweaters that have been collected and respun with extra-fine merino wool.

It’s the first official day of autumn, so the drop comes at the perfect time. And in classic Everlane fashion, there are two simple styles offered: a crewneck sweater and a V-neck sweater. But to set them apart from the thousands of “timeless” cashmere sweaters out there, the colors on offer run the gamut from a traditional black to “spruce” and “lemon lime,” and the detailing employs a handsome vintage aesthetic in the form of wide ribbing and raglan sleeves.

In other words, it’s a perfect combination of old meets new. But if Everlane’s previous new releases are any indication, the new stock won’t be available for long.

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