Hard Sell

By The Editors
July 23, 2012 9:00 am

Business cards should make a strong first impression—more “hello, I’m a very important and powerful person,” less “available for Bar Mitzvahs!”

Below, business cards guaranteed to help you come of age, at least at the office. Mazal tov.

Plasma Design

Plasma Design

This UK company fashions high-end business cards from hi-tech materials, from an array of translucent plastics (good for watermarking and vibrant color contrast) to blackened steel cards etched by hand. Templates are available, or use the company’s bespoke design program, where PD’s in-house team of graphic designers mock up several potential styles, free of charge.

$199-$709 (for a pack of 100) | VIEW CARDS

Pure Metal Cards

Pure Metal Cards

A step beyond Patrick Bateman card fetishism, Pure Metal Cards’s fantastical line of precious metal cards includes everything from a stainless steel sheet with a built-in USB to a single hand-crafted cut of 22 karat gold ($3300 per card). The Hong Kong-based company — started by a globetrotting former UK ad exec — also offers a more reasonable line of brass, copper and carbon fiber cards, customizable by metal, color, shape and high-tech accoutrement (QR codes, holograms, smart chips).

From $699 (for 200) | VIEW CARDS

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