Bill Murray Makes Golf Shirts Now, So He’s Got That Going for Him

They'll turn a former greenskeeper into a Masters champion

By The Editors
September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Fact: You’ll never look as cool as Arnold Palmer did on a golf course.

But you can look as cool as Bill Murray does on a golf course, which is nice.

Reason: Bill Murray just released a lifestyle and golf apparel line called William Murray Golf.

It’s a collaboration between Murray and his brother Joel with the Chive, and the label’s first release — which is already sold out — included a limited-edition baseball polo that pays homage to the Chicago Cubs and a baseball cap with insignia of Bill Murray throwing a golf club.

“This somehow feels right,” Resignation Media CEO John Resig told Golf Digest (Resignation Media is the parent company to the Chive). “He’s a film icon but he’s also synonymous with golf, and golf needs more fun in it. You can argue that golf needs Bill Murray now more than ever.”

Resig’s right. The course needs some irreverence, and the man behind Carl Spackler is the perfect guy for the job. Because as much as we love Bubba Watson and his golf jetpack, it’s just not a reality.

The line’s first launch is sold out, but expect a full release in the next coming weeks. Head on over to William Murray Golf for updates.

Main Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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