These Handsome Leather Bags Are Customizable, Affordable

Luxe travel bags, non-luxe pricing

February 15, 2017 9:00 am

“Make it pop.”

That ineffectual phrase is the bane of designers everywhere.

But it contains a hidden truth: Wherever you go, stand out … a bit.

Making your daily ensembles pop: Aequa, a new line of Italian-crafted weekenders you can customize in myriad ways — and all for about half the price of what you’d expect for leather goods this chunky.

The Aequa weekender bags, crafted in Italy, feature up to six different colors, two types of leather (a classic, natural grain vs. a sportier “tech” leather) and additional personalization on the seams, straps and handles.

Aequa (3 images)

You’re encouraged to mix and match: some blues, reds and green accents can brighten up the traditional brown and black leathers. These totes are also waterproof, as well as stain- and scratch-resistant. And the bags, while deep (30 L), can fit into an overhead compartment.

Aequa (3 images)

Also available: a variety of Dopp kits, laptop sleeves wallets and briefcases, all utilizing the same supple source material.

The weekenders start at just $259 and go up a bit for each level of customization (and additional add-on accessories). Shipments start in June.

Summer’s gonna be colorful.

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