8 Flannel Shirts to Get You Through #CozyGuyFall

Whether you're wielding an axe or just a remote control

October 22, 2019 2:27 pm
8 Flannel Shirts to Get You Through #CozyGuyFall

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How do we know the temperature is dropping? Our eyes are almost overwhelmed with the abundance of multi-colored tartan. We can smell the double-brushed wool from miles away.  But above all, we are super effing cozy. Yes, it’s flannel season, gentlemen, and it’s time to get rid of that ratty old one you’ve been wearing for years (you know it has holes in the armpits, just throw it out) and invest in a brand new, even warmer one.

Flannels do a great job of mixing vintage and modern. Basically, it’s timeless, and it toes the line between formal and casual, so if you style it with the appropriate items, it can be the basis for an endless supply of versatile looks. So while you can certainly go full lumberjack and reserve your flannels for wood-chopping activities, you could also get away with it on date night (just leave the axe at home).

Of course with the multitude of different colors and tartans, shopping for flannels can be a tad overwhelming. So we’ve found some of the best, in quality and design, to give you an easier flannel-finding experience. 

Outerknown Transitional Flannel

A super-soft brushed flannel shirt made with 100% organic cotton that could totally pass for cashmere. If you’re not digging the red, don’t worry, Outerknown has twenty-two other colors you can choose from.

Flint and Tinder American Made Flannel

Flint and Tinder is back with its latest collection of classic, American-made flannels, and they’re giving us major lumberjack vibes. Double-brushed for maximum softness, we won’t judge if you’re not actually chopping down any wood in this, and instead, just chillin’ by the fire.

UNIQLO Men Flannel Long-Sleeve Shirt

Maybe you’re in pattern-overload and just want a lowkey, simple yet still super soft flannel. Luckily, UNIQLO’s got exactly that and for a price that’s hard to argue with.

J.Crew Slim Brushed Twill Shirt in Large Square Plaid

J.Crew’s calling this “your work-to-weekend-to-wherever fall flannel,” and we’d have to agree. It’s definitely a more sophisticated design, but you still get the same flannel comfort from the super-soft brushed twill. Plus it’s lightweight enough that you won’t have to worry about sweating like a pig.

Corridor Grey Check Flannel LS

The New York City-based brand is giving us a nice mix of vintage and modern with this plaid flannel. It’s lightweight but still super brushed to keep you warm without all that extra weight. And it’s cut a bit shorter than your average flannel, so you’ll run less risk of looking like your dad.

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt, Traditional Fit

If you don’t already have an L.L. Bean flannel in your closet, you’ve been doing fall and winter totally wrong. Made with 100% Scottish tartan, it’s a good bet this could be the softest and long-lasting flannel you own. How do we know? Because L.L. Bean has been doing this for 80 years.

Lisboa Braga Flannel

In your collection of flannels, this one tops the premium fabric list. Made in the heart of the Portuguese textile industry, this lightweight flannel has the perfect amount of warmth and breathability and is right on the line between formal and casual.

Pendleton Men’s Fitted Mixed Tartan

Here’s your bonus flannel. Three authentic tartans combined in one flannel you probably won’t find anywhere else. Crafted from Umatilla wool sourced from Oregon ranchers and woven in Pendleton’s American mills. Clearly a superior flannel.

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