Watch as Racing Hydroplane Boats Literally Lift Off

H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest circuit-racing boats in the world. They’re also among the loudest, fully earning their “Thunder Boat” nickname. Hydroplanes are designed to skim over the surface of the water; as they get up to speed, the weight of the boat is supported by planing forces, not just buoyancy like most boats, actually lifting the boat instead of having it remain in the water. (Planing also produces a striking visual effect as the hydroplanes generate “roostertails” that can shoot water up to 300 feet behind them.)

Most excitingly, H1’s are capable of reaching speeds exceeding 200 mph. To learn more about the H1 Racing Series, click here. (Upcoming events include Detroit and San Diego.) Watch the video below to behold some serious nautical speed.

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