NFL Warns Tom Brady About Future Surface Tablet Destruction

Not a high point in the quarterback's career

Tom Brady and Surface
Tom Brady and a Surface, in better days.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As we all know, Tom Brady is especially skilled at throwing footballs. He also has a penchant for throwing trophies. And it turns out he’s also capable of launching a Surface tablet at high velocities. It’s the last of these that’s gotten him in hot water with the NFL. Last week, when Tampa Bay lost to the Saints, a camera caught sight of a frustrated Brady on the sidelines, Surface in hand — right up until the point that it wasn’t.

Brady threw a Surface into the ground, reducing it to spare parts in the process. This wasn’t the first time he’d done so, either — as The Verge noted, Brady also threw a Surface last season in a game against the Bears.

And while Brady can surely afford to replace a Surface, his conduct has drawn the attention of the NFL. According to a report from The Verge, Brady revealed that the league has let him know that he’ll be fined if he spikes another Surface.

On the latest episode of the podcast Let”s Go, Brady addressed the tablet-throwing. “I did get warned from the NFL about that so… I won’t throw another Surface,” Brady said. Asked by co-host Jim Gray to clarify the league’s stance, Brady did exactly that.

“I can’t throw another Surface, or else I get fined,” Brady said. “Imagine that.”

As for whether or not he’ll be tempted to do so — well, one assumes that will depend on how the Buccaneers’ remaining games go.

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