Tom Brady Is Still Hammering the NFL’s New Policy on Jersey Numbers

The seven-time Super Bowl winner believes the updated policy gives an advantage to the defense

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warms up on the sideline of an NFL game
Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warms up on the sideline.
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty

In a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Tom Brady reiterated his belief that the NFL’s new policy on jersey numbers is going to make it more difficult for him to win his eighth Super Bowl.

The 44-year-old complained back in April when the NFL changed its rules about numbers to allow quarterbacks, punters and place-kickers to wear numbers 1-19, defensive backs 1-49, offensive linemen 50-79, defensive linemen 50-79 and 90-99, linebackers 1-59 and 90-99, and running backs, tight ends and wide receivers 1-49 and 80-89 by calling the policy “dumb” on social media.

Preparing to face a Dallas Cowboys squad that now features safety Donovan Wilson wearing No. 6, linebacker Jaylon Smith wearing No. 9 and rookie LB Micah Parsons in No. 11, No. 12 believes he’ll now be at a competitive disadvantage when the teams kick off on Thursday night to start the NFL season.

“The number rule is crazy,” Brady said. “Literally, guys changed their numbers today. I’m playing two guys who had different numbers in the preseason. So, yeah you’ve got to watch film and know who you’re studying but so do running backs. They’ve got to know who to block. So does the offensive line. So does the receivers who are adjusting their routes based on blitzes.”

“So one guys has got a 6, one guy has 11, one guy has got a 9. And they change every play when you break your routes and get to your spot. It’s going to be a very challenging thing. It’s a good advantage for the defense, which that’s what it is,” he said, adding, “At least identify who the D-line, the linebackers and the safeties are. You’re going to have a lot of matchups where guys are blocking the wrong guys. I don’t know why that should be.”

It’s because the NFL wants to sell more jerseys as well as charge players who change their number quite heavily by making them buy up the unsold supplies of their old jerseys. As for Brady, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say he’ll be just fine.

Get ready to see No. 12 in action for the Bucs and Nos. 6, 9 and 11 on the field for the ‘Boys on Thursday night.

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