Police Chase Urban Wakeboarders Through the Flooded Streets of Budapest

Back in 2013, flooding ravaged large portions of central Europe— specifically Budapest—where flood waters surged above their highest recorded levels.

Naturally, a few daredevils were bound to have some fun in the flooded streets, but this group of urban wakeboarders took it to the next level, turning their city into a huge, risky slalom course. As you’ll see, they wakeboard around trees, between traffic signs, and through street lamps and guard rails as crowds gather to cheer them on.

Naturally, the police weren’t too happy about the unauthorized wakeboarding in what was technically a hazard area, so they put an end to the sportsmen’s fun more than once over the course of the video. They even chased down the wakeboarders in one unexpectedly dramatic moment. Watch the whole thing unfold below.

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