Here’s How Long It Would Take You to Run a Marathon

No need to fly to NYC. The Marathon Calculator knows all.

By The Editors
November 4, 2016 9:00 am

I’m at the DMV with hours to kill because the government lost my renewed license in the mail; their mistake is my punishment. How long will it take? About as long as it would take me to run a marathon, by my calculations.

How’d I arrive at that number?  The Marathon Calculator, originally devised by Slate before being fine-tuned at FiveThirtyEight. How it works: you input the distance you would normally run along with your expected time for that run, as well as your results from races you’ve previously run. Give it a go.

It’d take me five hours and change to run the NYC marathon. No, my sentence at the DMV isn’t five hours; it’s two. But two hours at the DMV feels like five hours of running a marathon.

That’s just math.

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