Karl-Anthony Towns Watches Gorillas Fight to the Death Before NBA Games

Whatever gets you going ...

Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves on the floor. Towns watches gorilla fights before NBA games.
Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves on the floor against the Brooklyn Nets.
Sarah Stier/Getty

In order to prepare himself to step onto the court and play basketball, Karl-Anthony Towns doesn’t listen to music or do mental exercises. Instead, he watches videos of gorillas fighting to the death as part of his pregame ritual.

Somewhat surprisingly, the 25-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves big man seems kind of proud of it.

“Before games, I know Kobe had talked about that he had used to listen to Halloween-themed music and that would really get him going,” Towns told T-Wolves reporter Dana Moore. “I really have just been watching two gorillas fight before every game. I’ve been addicted to that. I want to see who is the best in the laws of nature. I’m watching gorillas fight all day. I know if I’m in that video, I’m leaving out alive. Someone gotta die. Ain’t gonna be me.”

While we’d say that listening to spooky tunes isn’t quite the same as watching one large mammal beat another one to death in furry hand-to-hand combat, if it works for Towns, he may as well keep doing it.

Despite the Timberwolves being one of the NBA’s lousiest teams about the past two decades, Towns said he is as confident in this year’s squad as he was in Minnesota’s 2017-18 team, the last edition of the club that made the playoffs. “Because of depth,” Towns said. “Depth is something that’s always been lacking on this team, the starting production [has been there].”

The Timberwolves will open their season tonight at home against the Houston Rockets. And now we know what the two-time All-Star will be doing before tip-off.

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