Grown-Up Ian Poulter Rips Ryder Cup Over Grown-Up Sergio Garcia’s Birthday

It should have also been a party for the 47-year-old Englishman, and he wanted to cry

Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter of England at a Pro-Am before an LIV Golf event. Poulter is upset Garcia didn't get a birthday tweet from the Ryder Cup.
Ian Poulter is upset his buddy Sergio Garcia didn't get proper birthday tweet.
Charlie Crowhurst/LIV Golf/Getty



Elon Musk.

Of all the things that are wrong in the world and worthy of being concerned about, what’s really sticking in 47-year-old Englishman Ian Poulter‘s craw isn’t that the beloved British royal family is sniping away at each other like a horde of cheeky mean girls but rather that the Ryder Cup didn’t wish his friend and fellow LIV Golf defector Sergio Garcia a proper happy birthday.

Unlike LIV’s forever-rumored-but-still-non-existent media rights deal, that’s for real.

Poulter, a grown-up who had his birthday on January 10 and we’d assume vigorously celebrated it with much pomp and circumstance, took offense with a post by the European Ryder Cup team’s Twitter account that highlighted a shot from Italian Francesco Molinari and noted his “incredible touch.”

The post, which was also on January 10, made Poulter so upset that he lashed out and criticized the European Ryder Cup team for not adequately acknowledging Garcia’s birthday on January 9: “What’s really an ‘incredible touch’ is the Players that helped build the @RyderCupEurope Brand with other players as well. You just can’t bring yourself to say a simple Happy Birthday. @TheSergioGarcia B’day Yesterday. Unfortunately this says so much.”

Given the timing, it is pretty safe to assume that Poulter was more gutted about the Ryder Cup team not wishing him a happy birthday than he was about the squad forgetting 43-year-old Garcia’s the day before.

Luckily for both players, who are grown men in their 40s getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, LIV Golf didn’t let their special days pass without tweeting some very heartfelt wishes.

So much thought. So much care. So much better than being snubbed by the European Ryder Cup of which Garcia and Poulter are no longer members due to their decision to leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf.

Don’t let it ruin your special day Poults, old boy — there’s always next year.

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