Food Retailer Accuses Patrick Mahomes’s Little Brother Jackson of Running a Scam

Rare Munchiez claims the younger Mahomes asked and received a care package before ghosting the small business

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes looks dejected after throwing an interception
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes looks dejected after throwing an interception.
Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty

Already trending on social media for something negative, again, after being caught on camera appearing to put a substance up his nose at a concert, Patrick Mahomes’s little brother Jackson is being called out on TikTok by an exotic foods retailer for allegedly running a scam to get free products.

Rare Munchiez, a small business that sells hard-to-get food and drinks like Pringles from the UK and soda from China, claims in a TikTok post that the younger Mahomes direct messaged the company asking for some free product. For some reason, the company honored his request and sent him a free care package with a request that he tag them when he posted it on social media. According to Rare Munchiez, the package was delivered and Jackson ghosted them. “So are you ignoring us or just haven’t received the box,” the company wrote. “A simple answer would be nice.”


@jacksonmahomes you didn’t have to lie to us 😔 #raremunchiez #mahomes #scammed #viral #storytime #fyp

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In the grand scheme of things, perhaps this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, and an argument could also be made that Rare Munchiez should have known better than to expect anything but the worst from Jackson given his track record of generally cringy behavior. And the free publicity Rare Munchiez may get from Jackson allegedly ghosting them will likely be more valuable than whatever they sent him. But, it’s still a bad look for Jackson, and hopefully the imported Oreos were worth it.

This latest incident with a business comes about two months after Jackson was absolutely roasted on social media by a Kansas City cocktail bar after he attempted to damage the establishment’s business and reputation on Instagram.

In an Instagram story posted in December that was subsequently deleted, Mahomes said the service at downtown bar SoT  was “absolutely terrible” and that the servers who work there are “so rude.”

In a perfect response, SoT ripped the fading social media star in the form of an apology about using his privilege and waning influence to attempt to hurt a local business.

“We are sorry that we set boundaries that you tried to ignore,” the bar said in a statement. “Oftentimes people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them. We are sorry that you have the reach that you do, or at least that you think you do and that instead of using it for something positive you decided to use it to try to crush a small business. We have not been fortunate enough to be born into a much more talented and much more famous family but we would like to think that if we did have that much luck — we would use our influence in more responsible ways.”

It would appear that message fell on deaf ears. Maybe it’s time for Patrick to re-think banning his little bro from games.

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