Finnish Olympian Freezes Penis While Cross-Country Skiing

Remi Lindholm had a nightmarish day

Remi Lindholm
Remi Lindholm of Team Finland competes during the Men's Cross-Country Skiing 50km Mass Start Free on Day 15 of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
Lars Baron/Getty Images

There are numerous ways in which athletes have injured themselves while competing in the Winter Olympics. One survey of data from the 2018 Winter Games found that ski halfpipe was the most dangerous, which seems entirely understandable. American hockey player Briana Decker had to leave a game this year via a stretcher. But hockey is, after all, a full-contact sport; it’s not strange to think that athletes competing in it face the risk of injury.

And then there’s Finnish cross-country skier Remi Lindholm, whose penis froze while competing in the 50 km version of the event.

According to The Guardian‘s reporting on the event (and on Lindholm’s injury), conditions were so harsh that the 50 km competition was condensed to a 30 km version, lest the cold leave athletes the worse for wear. Unfortunately for Lindholm, the damage was still done, and required a heating pack at the end of the race for purposes of thawing. Lindholm finished 28th overall, completing the course in one hour and 16 minutes.

“You can guess which body part was a little bit frozen when I finished,” he told the media upon finishing the face. “[I]t was one of the worst competitions I’ve been in.”

Apparently, this was the second competition during which Lindholm’s penis has frozen. Someone, please find this man some warmer gear.

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