College Football Coach Stages Own Funeral, Cites Motivational Tactics

When "winning one for the Gipper" goes wrong

August 25, 2016 9:00 am

Coaches have been known to employ some fairly eccentric gambits over the years in the name of motivation.

Some go to the movies. Others hire mariachi bands. And then there’s Hugh Freeze. The Ole Miss football coach, who is fully alive and well, basically just threw his own memorial service.

As a way of motivating his team to work towards their goals, Coach Freeze asked his players to picture what people would say about them at their funerals. He then used his own life/funeral as an example to illustrate this principle.

Here’s how Coach Freeze explained the  “funeral scene” he came up with:

“I created a funeral scene for me and showed it to all our players. And the whole purpose is understanding that whatever you believe drives your behaviors and your behaviors drive your performance and your performance will give you some result. We need to work backwards. This is the result I really want. Now are my beliefs and are my behaviors going to get me my result?”

In order to hammer his point home, Coach Freeze detailed what he wanted his wife, kids, parents and players to say about him after his death and then shared the results.

Football coaches are notorious copycats, so If Ole Miss starts out the upcoming season hot, don’t expect this to be be the last time you see someone use a hypothetical death ruse to their advantage.

All is fair in love and football.

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