Survey Finds Subscribers Would Consider Canceling Cable If NFL Postponed

A survey found that postponed football would affect subscriber interest in cable

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A new survey found that cable companies could see a rush of cancellations if the 2020 NFL season is postponed from its planned September start-date. Partnering with data company Mindne Analytics, cord-cutting website Kill the Cable Bill conducted a survey about the effect of delayed and canceled sports on cable subscriptions during the coronavirus pandemic. The results are not encouraging for cable companies.

In the survey, the site found that up to 33 percent of cable subscribers polled would be either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to cancel their subscriptions if the NFL season is delayed beyond its usual start date. More broadly, 12.6 percent of those polled said that they would be very likely to cancel their subscriptions if no sports come back before June 1st. Overall, 66.4 percent of respondents said that live sports were either a “somewhat significant” or “very significant” reason for why they have cable in the first place.

The results of the survey would seem to explain why Donald Trump was so insistent last weekend that the NFL season start on time; the economic effect — one of Trump’s major priorities right now, if not his biggest — on sports-adjacent businesses would be felt deeply. And while the survey only tallied up 1,003 results, the percentages are striking enough to signal a potential downturn for cable companies as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the return of sports back into play.

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Read the full story at Kill the Cable Bill

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