Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald Are in for a “Happy Gilmore” Sequel

Dan Patrick asked the duo about a reprisal of their rivalry on his radio show on Wednesday

Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald Are In for a "Happy Gilmore" Sequel
Carl Weathers talks to Adam Sandler in a scene from the 1996 film "Happy Gilmore."
Universal/Getty Images

A little more than a week after Adam Sandler’s 1996 film Happy Gilmore celebrated its 25th anniversary, the 54-year-old actor said he would support doing a sequel to the movie that launched him to superstardom.

Sandler made the proclamation during a virtual appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, where co-star Christopher McDonald also gave a thumbs up to the idea, saying he’d be willing to reprise his role as Gilmore arch-rival Shooter McGavin.

“I am double in,” McDonald told Patrick. “I would love to do it. Everybody on the internet has been screaming for it. It would be a complete blast. The senior tour with us two … oh my God.”

McDonald is referring to many fans of the film asking Sandler to make a sequel after he posted on Twitter to celebrate the anniversary, which in turn drew a response video from McDonald.

Sandler’s comments to Patrick are a reversal of what he told Screen Rant when asked about the possibility of doing a sequel to Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore in 2015.

“I don’t think about it, but those two [films] — I loved doing them. They’re big ideas,” Sandler said. “Going back to school was fun for Billy, and then Happy Gilmore playing golf — there’s something there. I don’t know. We’ll see. I doubt it, though.”

Presumably, the second Happy Gilmore installment would feature Gilmore and McGavin competing against each other on the PGA Senior Tour. Though it doesn’t have quite the same plot, a fan site has even created some lines for the proposed sequel. The scene isn’t great, but here’s what Sandler’s Gilmore running back his fight with Price Is Right host Bob Barker would look like according to

  • Bob Barker: Remember me, Happy?
  • Happy: Yes, I do, Bob. I see you have a friend, Drew Carey.
  • Drew Carey: Bob told me all about you. How you nearly pummeled him to death.
  • Happy: Guess what? The price is still wrong, bitches! (Beginning of a three-way brawl)

One would think Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions could come up with something better. Here’s hoping that they do.

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