Here's What 9 Really Cool Women Actually Want for Valentine's Day

Everything from whiskey to potted fig plants

February 11, 2020 1:34 pm
Here's What 9 Really Cool Women Actually Want for Valentine's Day

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Don’t you wish you could just dig around in your lady’s brain and know what she’s really thinking? Well, you could, by talking to her. But asking your wife/girlfriend/ladyfriend point-blank what they want for Valentine’s Day kinda ruins the surprise. So we did it for you.

Ok, we didn’t ask your lady, but we polled a few super-cool women on what they would like this Valentine’s Day. Below are their picks. Let it be an inspiration for your gift-giving. And remember when it really comes down to V-day, all your lady really wants is to spend some time with her favorite person … and perfume. And lots of other stuff.

Summer Silk Cashmere Robe Sand

“One of my favorite gifts my boyfriend has given me was a light gray ankle-length cashmere bathrobe. Portland is so gray and rainy and all I want to do when I get out of bed in the morning is wrap myself in that thing until the coffee hits and then I can get dressed. I also love all things Glossier — their Boy Brow, the face serums, Lid Star … you can’t go wrong.” — Colleen Quigley, Olympian and professional track athlete. She shares recipes, workouts, and running tips on her IG and website.

Kinshop Leather

“A handmade leather bag from Kinshop Leather — a small leather goods maker out of Cincinnati (extra legendary if there’s a beer and one of their perfect bottle openers inside). A handmade leather bag like one of these will get more beautiful with age and use — good metaphors for love all around, right? Or a flower CSA share from a local farm — a many birds, one stone situation: a bouquet of flowers every week through spring and summer and the opportunity to get to know your farmers (and support them before growing season officially starts).” — Dory Athey, Marketing & Special Sales Manager, Catapult / Counterpoint Press / Soft Skull Press

Widow Jane 10 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

“If it isn’t a bottle of whiskey I haven’t had, I’d love the promise of a day in Upstate New York with a fly fishing guide. Come to think of it, maybe a day of fly fishing and a bottle of whiskey I haven’t had.” — Lisa Wicker, the President and Master Distiller of Widow Jane Distillery in Brooklyn.

Chloé Eau de Parfum

I’m generally pretty easy to shop for; there’s always at least a handful of books and records I’m dying to own. But Valentine’s Day isn’t a books-and-records holiday, and while gifting a woman perfume on Feb. 14 has become a bit of a cliche, I’d be more than happy to receive a bottle of this one. It’s a classic floral powdery scent, with notes of rose, cedarwood, peony and honey, it comes in a cute pleated bottle, and it’s subtle enough that you can wear it to work every day. (Which I do — that’s why I need more, please.) — Bonnie Stiernberg, Associate Editor at InsideHook.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

“I’d love a tall fig tree in a beautiful white pot. I have a collection of plants and I love watching them grow. Each time I come home from working on the road, I’m so happy to see that they’re still thriving. They bring life to our home and apparently they’re good for the air too.” — Dr. Jess O’Reilly, PhD., sex and relationships expert and host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast.

Pearl Signet Ring

“I have been coveting this Pearl Signet ring from Haati Chai. Pearls symbolize the wisdom you acquire through experience. They also attract wealth wisdom luck and protection. Everything we need in 2020. If you don’t know what to get her or can’t commit to a big-ticket item, do a bunch of small things to brighten her day. From sending flowers to her office to a scrunchie in her favorite color and a refill on her favorite night cream that’s running low in her bathroom cabinet, it is really the thought that counts.” — Vivianne Lapointe, Live FAST founder and CEO at pepper, a creative agency and studio in DTLA2. 

Chance Eau Tendre

“For Valentine’s, a combo of something sentimental like a hand made card, or hand-picked bouquet of flowers paired with a gift that triggers the senses, a sensual Chanel perfume or delicious bottle of Caymus Cabernet, is the perfect combo. It’s always about the thought and meaning behind a gift, paired with the memory you get to create as a couple!” — Michelle Demaree, Engagement Ring Expert, founder of the Beverly Hills-based boutique ring concierge service Miss Diamond Ring

Nespresso Machine

An ideal Valentine’s Day experience would go stay out at a Getaway House a few hours right outside of Austin to disconnect, hike, etc for the day. I also really want a Nespresso so I can make a decent cup of coffee on the go and of course, share a cup with my valentine too. — Katie Hayes, Co-Owner/Head of Marketing & Partnerships for Urban Lagree, a growing fitness studio in Austin.

Moon Earrings

“I typically gravitate towards unique pieces of jewelry, like these gorgeous Moon earrings from Mondo Mondo. Really anything that looks a little hard to find is always a nice surprise. Pair that with a chill evening out to our favorite restaurant — you’ve got a perfect Valentine’s Day” — Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern at InsideHook.

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