The 15 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

Because what else are you supposed to get someone you've known for 2 months?

February 5, 2020 1:33 pm
The 15 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50
Mike Falco

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Valentine’s Day gifting can be tough. Maybe you’ve just started dating someone at this unfortunate time. Or your pockets are still recovering from the holidays. Perhaps you’ve already booked a romantic weekend getaway or a table at her favorite restaurant.

Whatever reason you have for not spending a whole lot on a V-day gift this year is your secret to keep (promise we won’t pry). But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to CVS chocolates and $4 teddy bears she will eventually throw out (or burn if you break up).

So below we’ve rounded up 15 of the finest items you can gift your S.O. that don’t look like complete crap — but that you wouldn’t ask for back if it doesn’t turn out to be true love. (We’re rooting for you, though!)

Rose Sea Soak Calming Bath Salts

Wellness brand FRENCH GIRL uses organic, sustainable ingredients and ethical business practices, for the conscious consumer who wants to indulge in some self-care. This Rose Sea Soak is made with six different salt varieties to help relax her muscles and her mind.

Shimmershade Eyeshadow

Not only will this SPF30 eyeshadow keep her eyelids healthy and protected, but with four gorgeous, long-lasting shimmery shades, she’ll be glowing literally all day.

Voluspa Japonica Glass Candles, Set of 3

Voluspa candles are a luxurious staple of almost every home. This glass candle set includes three scents — Crane Flower, Mokara and Japanese Plum Bloom — in three elegant designs.

Santana Camel Suede Slide Sandals

A pair of ultra comfy and super stylish pair of sandals? Buy her these. And a gift-certificate to her nail salon.

Alphabet Silver Earring

A personalized stud she can mix and match with other pieces. While it’s a seamless addition to her jewelry collection, the Gothic font adds a dash of excitement. And you could be a real mush and get her both your initials.

Porter Glass

She can enjoy her rosé or homemade cosmos wherever she goes with this reusable glass from W&P. It’s crafted from durable glass and surrounded in protective matte silicone (in five very cute colors).

UO Leo Ribbed Open-Front Cardigan

Cozy cardigans are always needed. And this ribbed knit one with dropped long sleeves won’t make her look like her grandma.

Stella Drop Earrings

A lovely pair of drop earrings featuring a strand of pearl beads suspended below a gold-tone metal hoop. Incredibly chic, and they don’t come at a bad price.

Sandal/Rose Aromatherapy Perfume Oil

This compact perfume oil from Australian holistic brand Yoke includes warm notes of Turkish rose and sandalwood she can easily apply whenever she needs to de-stress.

Linen Bib Apron

If you’re not going out on V-day, you should totally be the one cooking the meals for her. But for her future cooking endeavors, she needs a good-looking apron. Here it is.

Champagne Problems Jigsaw Puzzle

You know that old saying, Mo’ Champagne, Mo’ Problems. Maybe it doesn’t go quite like that. Regardless, this fancy 500-piece jigsaw puzzle will put her champagne and non-champagne problems behind her (unless that problem is a missing puzzle piece).

Brightland Olive Oil

Brightland’s olive oil is the latest Instagrammable condiment on the market at the moment — but it actually tastes delicious. The California-made extra virgin olive oil comes in two flavors AWAKE (for “slow days and cozy nights”) and ALIVE (to put on food that fuels you up). And tell us this wouldn’t look incredible on her tabletop.

Erinite Gemstone Pendant

This Erinite Gemstone Pendant is a perfect piece of elegant jewelry she can also wear casually. The necklace features a 14k filled chain and an absolutely dazzling Aquamarine stone.

Emma Convertible Belt Bag

You know what women love? Options. Which makes this convertible carryall perfect because it can be styled three ways — as a belt bag, a crossbody or a shoulder bag.

Volcania Flutes, Set of 4

A set of bedazzled champagne flutes. They’ll look good on her table and when you’re toasting in bed.

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