Meet Rizz: Your AI Dating Wingman and Response Generator

The keyboard plug-in can theoretically do the talking for you on dating apps

A graphic of two cell phones with speech bubbles coming out of them
Rizz has gained 130,000 users since it went viral on Twitter and TikTok.
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Knowing what to say when talking to someone you’re interested in isn’t always easy — especially at first introduction, and especially when it happens online. It’s easy for things to get misinterpreted or misread, and for those who find the whole dating app ecosystem difficult, that can be daunting. Enter: Rizz, your new AI digital dating assistant for when the world of online dating gets too overwhelming. 

Rizz, named after the Gen Z slang for “charisma,” is an app that adds an AI-powered keyboard to your phone that can come up with creative messages. After videos of the app went viral on TikTok and Twitter, per The Washington Post, it racked up over 130,000 users. 

Rizz, which can create opening lines and responses to your matches on dating apps using the keyboard feature on your phone, was built by four college students between the ages of 19 and 20.

“We’re all [computer science] majors who stay in our rooms all day coding,” Charis Zhang, one of the creators, told the Post. “The reason we created this app is that we’re experiencing the pain of not fully knowing how to converse with people.”

This TikTok shows how exactly Rizz can work when being used on a dating app:

What Exactly Is Rizz? Do You Have Any? Should You Want To?
It might be the most annoying slang word the internet has birthed, but we’re here to explain it nonetheless 

While this Rizz app is essentially a keyboard plug-in, there’s another Rizz app available in the Apple App Store that was designed to be “your AI dating assistant.” Through this app, you can upload screenshots of your conversations with your dating app matches and receive replies based on your specific situation. You can also use it when talking to friends or family casually, and it can be used when networking or in professional conversations.

This app was created by Roman Khaves, Joshua Miller and Zack Ahmed — three entrepreneurs in New York City, according to the Post. Since it started in January, it’s created 2.5 million opening lines and replies and has acquired 250,000 users. Khaves told the Post that the demand is there “because a lot of users don’t know how to open up on dating apps.”

Some of the answers to the Rizz app created by the college students have come off as “nonsensical,” according to the Post. One user, Coyne Lloyd, used this Rizz app with some of his Hinge matches out of curiosity. One woman’s profile said she knew the best spot for birria tacos, and Rizz’s automated response was…interesting. 

“I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the birria tacos in town!” the app wrote as a potential conversation starter. “It sounds like you’re really taking the time to figure out your dating goals and that’s great! I’m sure you’ll find the right person for you soon!”

Maybe after a few updates you’ll consider one of the Rizz apps if you’re having trouble coming up with responses to matches on dating apps. Nothing sounds more genuine and honest than starting off a new relationship by not talking to them yourself.

CORRECTION (4/28/2023): The article has been modified to differentiate two different “Rizz” apps. One app is specifically designed as a “dating assistant,” while the other is a keyboard plug-in with many functions — one being its ability to assist in message creation on dating apps.

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