Report: More People Are Using Sex Toys With Their Partners

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sex toys
Play time.
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Earlier this year, we strongly encouraged men to start using vibrators during sex with their partners, and it seems some of you have wisely taken that advice. According to a recent study from sexual wellness company Ella Paradis, more than half of respondents are buying sex toys with partnered play in mind.

The study, released earlier this week, found that 61 percent of sex toy buyers said they buy sex toys for themselves and their partners. That’s compared to just 23 percent who said they keep their toys to themselves, and 11 percent who said they only buy toys for their partners.

Meanwhile, the study also found that 41 percent of Americans use sex toys for both sex and masturbation. Only 30 percent said they reserved toys strictly for solo play, and 28 percent only use them during sex.

According to Ella Paradis CEO Tino Dietrich, the significant number of people using sex toys during partnered sex reflects loosening sexual mores and evolving attitudes toward sexual health and pleasure.

“Nowadays people are more demanding in their sexual relationships and are in a continuous search for new ways to get pleasure and new sensations,” Dietrich tells InsideHook. “This attitude leads to an open-minded mentality that breaks boundaries and seeks for new alternatives.”

Dietrich predicts the trend will only continue to increase, especially as sex toy use in general booms amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The partnered sex toys trend will increase in recent years as the search for new alternatives in sexual interaction with our partners is becoming normalized,” says Dietrich, adding that amid the pandemic in particular, “The realization that life is a short trip and that every experience that makes us happy is worth living is contributing to these rapidly changing attitudes. People are searching for new ways to increase well being and happiness.”

In other words, life is short. Go buy yourself a sex toy.

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