Harry Hamlin Is Concerned About the 18-Year Age Gap Between His Daughter and Her Boyfriend Scott Disick

Though Hamlin is no stranger to an age gap himself

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin arrive at the Women's Cancer Research Fund's 'An Unforgettable Evening' at the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel on February 27, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California
Harry Hamlin and his wife Lisa Rinna, with whom he shares a 12-year age gap.
Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic

In recent years, self-proclaimed “Lord” Scott Disick has rebranded from Kardashian antagonist to man who dates significantly younger women. First there was Sofia Richie, with whom the now 38-year-old father of three had a three-year relationship when Richie was in her late teens and early twenties. Since splitting with the now 22-year-old last summer, Disick has struck up a romance with 20-year-old Amelia Hamlin. Naturally, as is the case with any relationship featuring a significant age gap that has the misfortune to stumble under the public eye, people have thoughts about Disick’s latest May-December fling, most of them negative.

One of those people is Hamlin’s father, actor Harry Hamlin. In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on which Hamlin’s wife Lisa Rinna has starred for years, Hamlin shared his thoughts about the eyebrow-raising age gap between his daughter and Disick, saying, “The issue that’s most enduring is the age difference, which to me is odd.” It’s worth noting that Hamlin is not the first father of a Disick girlfriend to raise such concerns, and in fact seems to be taking it much better than Lionel Richie, who told Us Weekly he was “scared to death” of his daughter Sofia’s relationship with the Kardashian adjacent back in 2017.

But while Hamlin may find the 18-year age difference “odd,” a significant age gap is certainly nothing unfamiliar to the thrice-married actor, whose marriages have all featured age differences of their own. Hamlin’s first marriage to Laura Johnson featured a six-year age gap, followed by a 12-year age difference between both second wife Nicollette Sheridan and current spouse Rinna.

Meanwhile, Hamlin also has experience on the other side of the age gap, and even compared his daughter’s relationship to his own romance with Ursula Andress, who was 44 to his 29 when the couple welcomed a son back in 1980. For someone who clearly has extensive experience on both sides of age gaps of varying lengths, Hamlin’s view of his daughter’s relationship as “odd” seems, well, kind of odd. But, as we’ve learned time and time again, passing close-minded, often hypocritical judgements on relationships with a significant age gap is a treasured national pastime, one we don’t seem inclined to give up any time soon.

As I’ve previously written, it is a truth universally acknowledged that older men will date younger women, and people — including those women’s fathers — will have opinions about it, even if they’ve been known to have a taste for age gaps themselves.

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