Emily Ratajkowski Is the Ultimate Uncuffing Season Inspo

Slutty summer starts in 5…4...3...2...

Harley Viera-Newton and Emily Ratajkowski attend W Magazine 50th Anniversary in nyc
Emily Ratajkowski attends the W Magazine 50th Anniversary in NYC
Getty Images for W Magazine

Lately, people are all up in Emily Ratajkowski’s asymmetrical bangs. After multiple high-profile hook-ups — her Tokyo make-out with Harry Styles, her naked photoshoot with Eric Andre — the model-actor-writer has been raising quite a few heart rates and eyebrows (and my guess is some other body parts, too). This week, since she DMed the editor of HommeGirls magazine that she “would love” to date a woman whenever the right one comes around, the public is again swept up in an EmRata fornication frenzy, speculating about who she’ll share a bed with next as though the answer to that question also holds the nuclear codes. And while Ratajkowski is explosively gorgeous, the only thing that’s groundbreaking about her Slutty Single Phase™ is just how comfortable she is remaining true to herself in spite of society’s neurotic obsession with her every tryst.

Ratajkowski’s Slutty Single Phase™ couldn’t come at a more perfect time. As we slide crotch-first into uncuffing season, the young mom is setting an example we can all learn from, inspiring us to embrace the delicious chaos of being single. Since her July 2022 separation from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard — with whom she has a two-year-old son — Ratajkowski’s love life has dominated headlines, from discussing bisexuality in a Harper’s Bazaar interview to adding her name to Pete Davidson’s laundry list of famous exes. But before the divorce, Ratajkowski said she was much more likely to jump from one serious relationship to the next, never really giving herself the space to figure out what it is she actually wants.

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In that same Harper’s Bazaar interview, Ratajkowski described her pre-divorce self as “a bit of a ‘pick-me girl’” because she “wasn’t very good at deciding” what she liked. “I really wanted to be chosen,” she said. Serial daters like EmRata who suddenly find themselves without a partner are sometimes overwhelmed by the newfound freedom to do as they please in and out of the bedroom. Especially for female celebrities whose sexuality is constantly under the microscope, the easy choice would be to either settle for yet another serious relationship, even if it doesn’t feel right, or date around in secret. Ratajkowski’s choice is arguably much bolder: to open her mind, heart and legs to the uncertainty that comes with not being coupled up, and to do it in full view of the public eye.

EmRata’s overt sex appeal has shaped her career since she first waddled around in her underwear for the music video of date rape anthem “Blurred Lines” back in 2013. In the following years, her nude photos would be leaked, she would pose topless for a mirror selfie with Kim K and she would speak out about how she felt the fashion industry saw her big boobs as “too sexy” for certain projects. Still, the 31-year-old remains open and unapologetic about her philosophy on sex and dating, despite inevitable backlash. 

“When people hate on my dating life, it’s just uncool. Let me live,” she told the editor of HommeGirls. “I’ve been through some shit. I want to have some fun sometimes.”

May we all channel Ratajkowski’s visible slut energy into uncuffing season and beyond.

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