Report: Elon Musk Seeks to Make X/Twitter a Dating App, Too

It's in keeping with Musk's concept of the "everything app"

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Would you look for love on the same place you post about current events?
Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When perusing apps on your smartphone, do you tend to prefer multiple apps for different tasks or fewer apps that do more things? Lately, the second tendency feels like it’s winning out, with Google announcing the end of its dedicated podcast app in favor of customers using YouTube Music and Ancestry folding the AncestryDNA app into its primary app. Still, there’s something to be said for more focused and dedicated apps or devices.

No one seems to have told Elon Musk that, however. According to a report from Kali Hays at Insider, Musk has something new he’d like to add to X to further distance it from its origins as Twitter. More specifically, Musk is interested in adding a dating component to the app. What could possibly go wrong?

According to two anonymous sources, Elon Musk made the comments about the future of X during a video meeting for the entire company. He spoke of additional features coming to the former Twitter, including both banking and dating.

It’s certainly in keeping with Musk’s oft-reported goal of turning X into an “everything app,” though it also begs the question of whether that many users really want an app that’s a social network, a financial services app and a way to connect romantically or physically with other people. There’s an early Saturday Night Live sketch that comes to mind here about a floor wax that is also a dessert topping that seems apropos here.

More broadly, the goal of expanding the boundaries of what X/Twitter can do also seems to be in conflict with the general sense that the experience of using the app is getting worse. Making the app more complex could further complicate matters — and building out new features that are more frequently handled by dedicated apps certainly qualifies there.

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