Dr. Ruth Says There’s “No Age Limit” for Sex

90-year-olds can and should still have a healthy sex life

Dr. Ruth
90-year-olds still deserve good sex
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Radio Hall of Fam

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has spoken: 90-year-olds should definitely still be having sex, “period.”

Asked in a recent interview with the New York Post whether nonagenarians should still be getting it on, the legendary sex therapist made it clear that everyone is entitled to a healthy sex life, regardless of age. Why? Because sex has no age limit. “If they have a good partner, they should have sex,” said Dr. Ruth, who turned 93 last week. “If you don’t have a partner, they should satisfy themselves. Period. There is no age limit.”

The pint-sized icon — who, according to the Post, stands at only 4’7″ — also opened up about how she, “a good Jewish girl,” ended up a renowned sex therapist and media personality best known for an outspoken approach to all things sex. According to Dr. Ruth, growing up in the Jewish faith actually helped rather than hindered her healthy attitude toward sexuality. “For Jews sex was never a sin, but an obligation — for a husband to satisfy his wife — period,” she told the Post, adding that her interest in becoming a sex educator had its origins in her own desire to educate herself first. “I realized I did not know enough and I just wanted people to know about contraception and STDs.”

Dr. Ruth, who, in addition to being one of the world’s most legendary sex educators, is also a prolific author, Holocaust survivor and former sniper for pre-state Israel’s secret military organization, is the subject of a one-woman show starring Tovah Feldshuh that’s running this month at Sag Harbor’s Bay Theater.

“To see myself … portrayed by Tovah in the play is a wonderful gift,” she told the Post, going on to praise playwright Mark St. Germain for “a wonderful job of really portraying my background, my past.”

For all her accomplishments and many past lives, however, Dr. Ruth remains best known as one of the foremost authorities on sex, and says she still fields questions from strangers seeking sex advice “very often.”

“I’ll go with them to a corner and answer [the question] if I can, or suggest a psychiatrist or medical specialist,” she told the Post. “There’s no such thing as a quick fix. People have to become much more sexually literate. There’s still a lot of things to know about and to learn about.”

While Dr. Ruth may be pro-sex in general, however, she made it clear during an interview last month that she does not condone the hot vax summer spirit of reckless post-pandemic fornication. “I do not want people to have indiscriminate sexual relations,” she told the Atlantic. “That would be a big mistake.”

Regardless of your age, Dr. Ruth wants you to go forth and live your best sex life — just don’t be indiscriminate about it.

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